Progress Report: 2017.10.08

Progress as of October 8, 2017.

The “Bent Spike Club” members appear to be nearing completion of track work in the 52nd Street Yard area. The Norristown bump out area will begin track laying. Member continue to lay, staining, and ballast track from the are leaving Norristown and heading toward Phoenixville. Members also continue work on the turnout and crossovers near the staging end of the purple line. They have also started to install the back drop between Phoenixville and Pottstown areas.
The electrical crew seems to be kin to either moles or bats since they are under the layout and not seen, only surfacing to get supplies or hanging from the ceiling installing and painting conduit and pulling wire. Members also continue to install switch machines and build small control panels for operating the turnouts in specific areas.
The crew building benchwork continues to attack the Sylvania Ave wall track work. The Homasote has been installed on the upper level of the terminal area Lansford line to the 1st existing GATSME 3 track. The spline has been installed in the next 8′ section of the Lansford line. The next section of existing GATSME 3 has to be permanently mounted replacing the clamps on the risers with screws and attaching the roadbed to the risers. We have started Mahanoy City (Orange line around the perimeter of the bump out) centering spline layout moving from the Lansford Branch elevation of 50″ to the loop around to the Tamaqua Yard which is an elevation of 45″. Extending from the lower level of the terminal area (blue line) is the center spline line which connects to the turnout on the orange line as it enters the Tamaqua Yard. You will notice that this line will be going under the orange line with a minimum of a 4″ clearance for trains to pass under the orange line.
One of the images shows the orange line bump out spline installation and several members of the “Bent Spike Club” working 52nd Street Yard.

To get a better understanding of our construction and track laying progress, please refer to our track plan diagram [here].

IMG 3077

IMG 3075

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