Progress Report: 2017.07.29

Progress as of July 29, 2017.

The Bent Spike Club continues to build turnouts; there are many.  Installation of switch machines make the turnouts active in this area along the West Conshohocken green line from staging to approaching the West Philadelphia Station.  Small control panels have been constructed to control the turnouts in this area.
The Bent Spike Club has put a major effort in the area from the West Philadelphia station to the end of the 52nd Street Yard. Several pics will show the amount of trackage in these areas.

Work continues on the vestibule on the inside floor and outside trim work. 
This week the bench work crew have completed the Phoenixville spline to Spring City with installation of the last 3 sidings that are part of SC. The next step is to complete the Homasote installation in this area.  The center line has been laid for the interior mainline through Pottstown. This will allow the East and West mainlines to be separated through Pottstown. Major bench work and spline will begin in the next week or so for this area.

To get a better understanding of our construction and track laying progress, please refer to our track plan diagram [here].