Progress Report: 2017.07.22

Progress as of July 22, 2017.

Track work continues in the 52nd Street yard area of the green line with the construction of new switches.
Track work in the Norristown staging area is nearing completion and getting read for track power installation.  Installation of switch machines along the green line has begun as track is finished in these areas.
Rail tie installation along the purple line heading toward West Conshohocken Staging has started.  After installation, the ties were stained and ballasting was then added.  We have received various donations towards the track fund.  Donations to both the track and wire funds are greatly appreciated because it allows the club to continue moving forward in the construction of the layout.
The spline bench work in the Phoenixville area is almost complete. The center spline for the Rolling Mill sidings are in place.  The supporting spline on either side of the center spline will be installed soon.  This will complete the area and make it ready for Homasote installation.
The next area the bench work crew will tackle will be spline for several industrial sidings as part of Spring City decking at the end of the green line.  We will then move over to the Pottstown side of this leg and start installing spline to support the industries in this area.

To get a better understanding of our construction and track laying progress, please refer to our track plan diagram [here].