Progress Report: 2017.07.15

Progress as of July 15, 2017.

Another week has past and the improvements both inside and outside the building continue.  A metal roof has been installed on the vestibule.
The Bent Spike Club continues to make progress and will be moving to the 52nd Street yard area to build switches and install the yard tracks. The next push will be the continuation of track for the green line as it goes from Norristown through Phoenixville terminating in Royersford/Spring city.   There is a rumor that the Bent Spike Club is bending to many spikes and installing so much track that there is a shortage.  

Click [here] to make a donation for the purchase of these items; it would be greatly appreciated. 
The bench work team is currently installing the spline for the sidings in the Phoenixville area. The mainline spline is completed in this area. If you look at the diagram of Phoenixville you will see that the siding spline is rather complicated and does slow down the teams progress. The bench work crew also installed the homasote in the Royersford/Spring City deck area and at the end of the Norristown area as the spline heads toward Phoenixville.
Rail ties have been glued in place along the purple line heading toward staging. The electronics team continue to install switches, buss wire and termination boards as required. They also are testing and trouble shooting problems associated with these installations.
A mock up of what the 34th Street Station will look like is in progress.  Actual historical photos and drawings are being used to build this replica of the station.

To get a better understanding of our construction and track laying progress, please refer to our track plan diagram [here].