Progress Report: 2017.02.25

Progress as of February 25, 2017.

The bench work team completed the bench work on the green line with the installation of the last piece of homasote at the Wilmington Yard.  The team also continues to build the wood framework around the parameters of the building.

Background installation and lighting has been started along the 52nd street yard.  Taping to identify where the track will be installed has progressed past the West Philly 52nd St Yard and Breyers.  Ties are being installed in the 34th Street Station area with track installation not far behind.

Work has started on the risers and spine positioning for the purple line and the East Reading Yard since it is critical for the track positioning of the green line track.

To get a better understanding of our construction and track laying progress, please refer to our track plan diagram [here].

IMG 0116

IMG 0114