Stories From The Mill

We’re looking for stories about the history of our Mill building and the industry area around Rockledge.  Do you have a story or know of someone that would like to share some local history one like the ones below?



Memories of the Mill in Rockledge
Linda Snyder Martino worked in the mill around 1970 and shared her memories with us.
Back in 1970, Linda reports they were making lacers in the mill. She and another female employee kept their eye on the machines. When they jammed, they would cut out the twine and rethread the machine. Large bobbins (six to twelve) sat on the floor. The threads went from the bobbins to the top of a machine and then met at another machine. The threads were braided into the lacers.
With the drafty windows the building was cold in the winter. In the summer, the machines made the place very hot and of course, no air conditioning. All of the thread created much dust which was all over the place. Linda reports that it was ‘not a nice place to work’ but it was a job and she was paid for it. She worked the 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM shift with one half hour for lunch.
The owners at that time were two brothers, one named Bob. Linda does not remember the name of the other brother. She said many locals will remember her father.

The Rockledge Model Railroad Museum is researching the history of the mill and we welcome comments, photographs and first hand stories about the building.
Please contact usif you have something to share.