Building Update: Spring 2015

The cold weather in the first quarter of the year slowed our efforts to restore the building. The borough approved our plans to build bathrooms at the end of 2014. We started the year preparing the building for construction. An interior garage door was taken down and sold. We stocked up on lumber and other supplies. Thanks to the loan of a core drill, we cut through six inches of concrete to run the pipes. Other projects completed were building carts for our supplies, pointing our brick walls, electrical work for the bathrooms and HVAC. 

The rising temperatures have hastened construction. We laid out the walls for the bathrooms and put pressure treated wood in place over foam. A small section of floor was expanded with proper rebar. Then our crews started building the walls from donated studs. Another crew began work on the replacement windows which will vastly improve our insulation. At the same time, we are laying out the water lines and the drain pipes. Our electrician is figuring out the lights, switches, outlets, fans and other devices. There is much being done and much to do.

Do stop by on a Saturday morning to see how we are progressing with the Rockledge Model Railroad Museum.